ASA: Average Speed of Answer 

  • This shows that how long the customer used to wait to talk to the agent.
  • This one of the most important factors that call centers use to determine the quality of their service.
  • Call centers have a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) that they use to track the effectiveness and success of their service.
  • Call centers need to be able to assess how effective, fast, and reliable their service is.
  • Using these metrics, call centers can then improve their service, increasing their success rate and effectiveness.
  • Call centers that track ASA and other KPIs have the ability to provide superior service to clients.

How to Define this

  • ASA is the average amount of time it takes for a call center to answer incoming calls.
  • In other words, ASA is the average amount of time that it takes for a call to be answered at a call center.
  • This includes the time each caller spends on the phone waiting, either while the phone rings or while in a queue.
  • However, The time that the caller spends on IVR, is not included as part of the ASA.

How to Calculate Average Speed of Answer

ASA = Total Wait Time of Customer /Total Number of Answered Calls

For Example:

If there was a total of 50 minutes of waiting time for 10 calls, then the ASA would be calculated as :

50/10 = 5

That means the Average speed of Answer is 5 minutes.

Benefits of having Low Average Speed of Answer

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Low abandon
  • Good First-Call Resolution Rates
  • Decrease call center cost
  • Reduce Handle Time


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