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First Call Resolution

  • First call resolution also called FCR.
  • This is an important contact center metric and element of customer relationship management.
  • FCR is the ability to resolve customer problems, questions or needs the first time they call, with no follow-up required.
  • The higher your first call resolution rate, the more satisfied your customers.
  • High FCR rates, paired with low talk time.

How to Calculate First Call Resolution

  • The total number of calls resolved correctly on the first attempt divided by the total number of calls in a given period of time.


  • The total number of calls resolved correctly on the first attempt divided by the total number of first calls
FCR Calculation
FCR Calculation

 Improve First Call Resolution

  • Set Goals
  • Get your agents trained
  • Set Realistic Customer Expectations
  • Track Performance
  • Incentive Programs for agents
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
  • Post Call Surveys 

Benefits of First Call Resolution

  • The main benefit to tracking FCR is the ability to identify issues that lower FCR rates, and then resolve them.
  • Fewer issues mean better FCR rates and, at the end of the day, improved FCR means happier customers.
  • In addition to customer satisfaction, improving contact center FCR is directly related to agent performance, and therefore increased efficiency and profitability of a contact center.

How to Calculate First Call Resolution

This is where technology comes into play.

Through the use of speech analyticscustomer feedback, and other use of technology, you can streamline how your contact center collects, understands, and responds to raw data on FCR.

Point to be Remember

  • Understand the reason of customer’s Call: Remember that your customers don’t just call you on the phone, they’re spread across channels, from email and chat, to social media and self-service options. Define FCR goals for each channel, and assign agents with expertise and FCR ability in each of those channels.
  • Respond and React to Your Customers: Customer feedback is your key to improving agent performance, boosting the customer experience, and in the process, improving FCR.
  • Collect customer opinions via social media, surveys, and other methods, and then leverage that feedback to improve policies and refine goals.
  • Leverage Interaction Analytics: Put interaction analytics, and especially speech analytics, in place, and you’ll have immediate insight into customer-agent communications across channels.

First-call resolution is one of the most important to measure contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction.

By implementing best practices, you can reduce repeat calls and boost customer satisfaction by resolving issues and concerns without repeat contacts.


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