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Call Masking Solution

Call Masking Solution

Prioritize your Customers Privacy with our Call Masking Solution.

Connecting agents with customers through complete privacy and data safeguarding.

oin the Family of NiceDial and get Instant Dedicated Support on a call.

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What is number masking or Call masking?

Call Masking is basically masking or hiding the actual number with other decoded number. There are many ways to implement the call masking. Call Us at 91 89 0140 5879 to know more about this.

  • Call Masking or Number Masking is an advanced data protection measure established to ensure the privacy of the agent and the caller’s personal details.
  • Facilitate a seamless connection of two on-call entities without the disclosure of phone numbers. Ensure trust & data security of your client and customer interactions.

Benefits of Call Masking Solutions

Boost long-term loyalty among customers by ensuring their privacy and enhancing their experience with NiceDial phone number masking solution.


item   Safeguard Customers Privacy
Customer details are protected across interactions as calls are not routed via direct number dialing with end-to-end encryption.

itemCall Tracking and Monitoring
Incoming and outgoing calls between agents and customers are recorded and monitored for quality testing and data analysis purposes.

itemReal-time Data Insights
Receive actionable data insights on call performance, with call logs to enhance customer engagement from call masking service, to gauge the performance of agents.

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