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Speech recognition with NiceDial

Speech recognition with NiceDial

Speech recognition with NiceDial improves the contact center technology at different level.

With the help of speech recognition, We can transcribe the conversation in text file also. This also helps in taking the appropriate action in real time conversations.

What is Speech recognition

Speech recognition is the ability of a machine or program to identify words or phrases in spoken language and natural speech and convert them into a machine-readable format.

In the call center, speech recognition software is used to handle incoming customer calls.

Speech recognition in IVR solution

some advanced interactive voice response (IVR) systems use speech recognition technology to allow customers to interact with the system by speaking instead of pushing buttons.

Beyond IVR systems, some popular call center speech recognition applications are call routing, speech-to-text, voice dialing and voice search.

Speech recognition with Outboud Call solution

This help to save all the communication held on outbound call in a text file.

you can set the trigger or notification in case of any keyword identified in running conversation.


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