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Instant Lead Generation with Missed Call Services

Instant Lead Generation with Missed Call Services

missed call number helps the company to reach out to more customers as compared to any other solution. It is a way more economical than any other lead generation tool like advertising and social media promotions. With a missed call number a company can improve its reputation.

Some Implementation of Missed Call Services

Banking services – “To know about our latest loan offers, give us a missed call on XXXXXXXX and our executive will call you”.

Political Parties – “To show your support, give a missed call to XXXXXXXX”.

NGOs and help lines – “To reach out to us all you need to do is give a missed call on XXXXXXXX”.

Web Designing companies – “If you’re interested in getting a website for your domain, give us a missed call on XXXXXXX and we will call you back!”

Educational Institutes – “If you’re interested in our latest course, dial XXXXXXXX and leave a missed call. An expert from our team will call youo back”.

Missed call service is beneficial for marketers and almost all businesses for lead generation. If you want to discuss your business-specific requirement, reach out to one of our experts!

How Missed Call Service Works?

Working process of missed call solution is mentioned below:

  • In this service, you will get a dedicated mobile number. Caller will call on your mobile number.
  • An auto confirmation SMS will be sending to the caller, thanking him for calling and informing that the number has been registered.
  • Caller’s number will store in database.
  • And one executive from your company will call back soon to the stored number and understand the requirements/concerns of customer.

How does it Help in No Cost Lead Generation?

Now understand how a missed call alert number will help you in lead generation at no cost.

  1. Due to customer friendliness of a missed call number, it attracts more customers than any other solution.
  2. With a missed call number service the customer just has to give a missed call and company will call back. This practice not only saves customer time but also his efforts.
  3. It increases the customer satisfaction as the customer will never get a busy call and would not have to call the company again and again. The company will call them back after getting a missed call notification.
  4. Missed call service allows customer to talk at length and clear all their doubts as they are not paying for the call.

More About Missed Call Services

  1. A missed call service is way more cost effective than any other lead generation tool like advertising and social media promotion.
  2. It helps the organization connect to more customers as compared to any other solution.
  3. With missed call number Improve your company reputation, as it allows an organization to reach to any customer just through a phone ring.
  4. Reduces your company agent work, as the agent does not have to search for customers from all over the world and call them. This is because now the agent simply has to call those interested customer how have given a missed call on the number provided by the company. This saves agents time and efforts both.
  5. It helps the company in maintaining records. Whenever a person gives a missed call on the number provided all his data is recorded automatically. This way the company also saves money as they do not have to hire an employee to maintain records separately.


Features of Missed Call Services

Unlimited Missed Call

Its truely unlimited.

Auto Setup

Don’t wait for hours to get a setup. We will provide you miss call number in minutes

Cloud-Based Panel

Check status of missed call using our panel from anywhere. No installation required.

24*7 Support

Feel free to contact our team members and get an amazing support on queries.

Real-time Reports

Get detailed reports of all miss-calls fetched in our panel for campaign analytical.

Simple to Implement

Sign up and get started with missed call alert service in less than 30 minutes.

Cost-effective packages

We have designed special missed call service packages for all types business.

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