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Verify Users using Missed Calls

Verify Users using Missed Calls

Missed-call verification is an easy way to verify a mobile number through a missed call. The concept is pretty simple.

– The user enters their phone number during the in-app verification process and a call is made by the user on the missed call number shown on the app to verify the user.

SMS, Missed Call, Voice Call

You can choose any one out of these. Although these are completely different in the working model, in the end, they all serve the same single requirement.

Moreover, all these methods work for domestic and global user verification too.

If you want to make your customer job easy, the Missed call is an easy choice. Because, unless like SMS, customer don’t need to enter OTP again to get verified.

Have you ever verified by Google? It has both the Voice and SMS facility to verify its users.

A good user verification process should include both missed-call verification (available to Android users also) and SMS verification.

Since missed-call verification tends to be a more economical option it’s prudent that businesses set up user verification workflows that first attempt to verify users via missed-call verification (remember, Android users make up 87% of the global market) and then use a fallback to verify non-Android users via SMS or Voice.

Here is the Missed Call Services Plan

Plan Free Calls/Month Channels Total (Excl. GST) Order Now
Enterprise Truly Unlimited 5 Rs. 1699/Month
Enterprise Truly Unlimited 3 Rs. 1000/Month
Enterprise Truly Unlimited 1 Rs. 499/Month
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