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What Can You Do With a Missed Call Number Service

What Can You Do With a Missed Call Service?

Missed call service will help you to generate leads and enable you to easily engage with your customers.

missed call services
missed call services

Generate leads with our missed call solutions Contact Us Now

Missed call alert solutions help in speedy acquisition of customers and customer detail in real time. Every missed call received is a prospective customer


Hyper targeted approach with missed call marketing campaigns

A missed call marketing campaign enables you with missed call SMS to tap audiences from regions with low internet or smartphone penetration. Increase the reach of your business with a missed call marketing number, thereby optimizing your target audience


Use your missed call alert number to provide opt-ins

As per TRAI, people registered on DND cannot be contacted. Give a missed call number to ask for confirmation of their interest and avoid legal hassles. Freely include these missed call alert numbers to your database as leads


On-demand content facility with our missed call solutions

A missed call number in conjunction with the outbound calling solution can be used by brands to share customized content with your target audience over a phone call


Build interactive campaigns with our missed call solutions

Conduct polls, surveys and gather valuable customer feedback to support your outbound campaigns. Use missed call solutions to call back your customer with detailed product/service information at zero cost to them


  • Marketing campaigns – Cater to a wider audience, for they can now reach you with just a missed call or Missed alert.
  • Customer feedback – With a missed call, your customers can now request a callback or simply tell you they like your services.
  • Customer information – No more filling out long forms. Get customer information by having them give you a missed call.


Our missed call app finds multiple applications across industries

  • Publish a missed call alert number to increase your customer base
  • Any missed call received on your published missed call number is a lead.
  • Track missed calls with missed call alert reminders and never miss a call again.
  • Missed call solution to conduct research polls and surveys.
  • Combine the missed call solution with outbound calling solution for instant customer engagement and quick conversions
  • Publish a missed call number on different mediums (TV, Print, website) and track the performance of each channel basis the number of missed call notifications.


Hows the Missed Call System Works:


Missed call automatically disconnects after one ring

Missed call solutions bear zero cost to the customer. The missed call app becomes a source of documenting customer interest and a follow up call/SMS is instantly triggered to continue engagement.

Customer sees your ad/promotion

Customer proceeds to call your virtual number seen on an ad

Call lands and disconnects

Call gets disconnected the moment it lands on your virtual number, which is connected to a missed-call call flow in your account

Leads are generated to spreadsheets

The contact information of your callers can be exported to a Google spreadsheet


Automated call back or SMS

In order to notify a customer, an automated call back or SMS can be triggered once a missed call lands on your virtual number


Advantages of Missed Call Services


The customer incurs absolutely no cost. Missed call services increases engagement.


A missed call can be followed by a variety of actions – another call, a text message, an affirmation etc.,


The actions are all traceable and can be easily analysed


Use cases of Missed call Services

Customer verification

Missed call alert is a better alternative to OTPs for customer verification. Ask them to verify their phone number by giving a missed call to a number.

Opt-in/out of lists

You can ask customers to opt in or opt out of your promotional campaign list using missed calls.

Registration/Lead generation

This works brilliantly especially in the case of people who do not have access to the internet or any other forms of communication. A simple mobile phone is the primary way for them to reach out to people.


Media and TV shows have made the best use of missed call marketing campaigns to build non-intrusive engagement with customers.

Support for NGOs

Missed call is an easy way for NGOs to garner support for their cause.

COD confirmation

In the case of cash on delivery (COD) orders, send an SMS with a number on which they can give a missed call to confirm the COD order.

Download the app

Once a person gives a missed call on the number, they will receive an SMS with the link to download the app. Thereby, it eliminates the extra step that the users need to do – search, look for the right app etc.

Collect feedback

It is important to complete the feedback loop with your customers. Missed call marketing campaigns are an easy way to do this.


Increase your day-to-day efficiency with Missed Call Alert

The “missed call services” — in which a mobile user sets up a conversation without paying for it — is becoming an important marketing tool in India

Why Choose NiceDial Missed Call Services ?

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