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Bulk Voice Messages India

Bulk Voice Messages India

As a reliable, in-house developed cheapest, real time support and convenient bulk voice broadcasting solution provider in India, NiceDial is dedicated to meeting the customer’s requirement with real-time results. NiceDial provide various product and services for B2B and B2C. However one of the best product with easy to use interface is, bulk voice Messages in India.

  • Bulk voice messages are the simplest, fastest & most cost effective way to reach out to your target audience anywhere in India!
  • Voice Broadcasting is a technique of sending pre-recorded voice messages to your audience.

NiceDial voice broadcasting service allows you to send pre-recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of mobile and landline phones with ease while managing the entire process right from the Web.


This Services is perfect for:

  • Alerts, Reminders, Notifications, Announcements
  • Political and Social Campaigns
  • Business Promotions and Marketing Campaigns
  • School, College and Educational Institute Notifications
  • Product and Service Updates

Target your existing  Customer:

  • With the voice broadcasting , You can up sell, cross sell you product to the existing customer.
  • This is the fastest way to reach your targeted audience.
  • You can Promote your product/Brand to the targeted audience.
  • You can share the product information and Update to the customer.
  • Update the  the customer information regarding their account

Connect to the Sales executive in real time 

  • Improve Bottom Line Of Your Business
  • Customers connect with a live agent

Customizable caller ID

  • You can use your mobile number as caller ID
  • You can also get a unique and customizable caller ID
  • Improve your presence and engagement rate

Voice Campaign Summary, API Integration and Reports

  • As soon as the call is completed, we’ll update the report of each number
  • Track the performance of your voice campaign in real-time
  • Web based easy API to integrate to any system

High Speed and On Demand Channels

  • More than 100000 concurrent calls at once.
  • It allows you to reach a large number of people just in seconds.
  • Make your campaign effective and generate leads.
  • Addition of more channels on demand basis.

Press Key 1

  • Send a personalized message and prompts people to press #1 to show their interest.
  • Receiver can press 1 and call will automatically be disconnected

Rescheduled The Campaign

  • You can resend your voice campaign to your contacts who didn’t answer, busy, failed, congestion, timeout ring and more. Choose the element and resend it.

Automate The Campaign

  • You want to send your campaign in the next morning.
  • Just schedule your campaign on specific date and time and the automated system will send your campaign.

API integration for Bulk voice messages

  • Complete and full featured API.


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